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Sonnenz is the solar company that believes in giving 100% to their customers. We are committed to providing top-of-the line customer service and design, as well as making sure you get nothing but the best from your solar panel investment!

Sonnenz offers more than just high quality products – we care about our clients’ goals too! Whether it’s saving money or going green for a better planet, we ensures OUR goal of sustainability aligns with YOURS, because Sonnenz is Solar done Right!


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We Are Best In Business

Rigid panels means reliable performance throughout nearly ANY operating environment imaginable. There's no excuses NOT to convert to solar.

We Provide Lifetime Service

Consider yourself a part of the Sonnez family, we're a team dedicated to YOU and making sure your solar power never disappoints.

24/7 Service Support Available

Rest assured our amazing support never sleeps. Have a question in the morning, evening, at night or anytime between? Don't hesitate to connect with our amazing 24/7 support team.


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Clients Say

What Our Clients Say


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